Miyabi 5000FCD (9.5" Bread Knife)

By Henckel

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Sale Picture of Miyabi 5000FCD (9.5" Bread Knife)

 Kitchen knife with a serrated edge that allows for cutting bread crusts while preventing pressure that could crush the inner soft part of the bread.

The Miyabi 5000FCD kitchen knife is synonymous of balance, perfect grip and Japanese tradition.
Blade: FC61 steel core layer and 49 layers of Damascus steel. Hardness of 61 HRC.
Handle: pakka wood.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels designed the Japanese kitchen knife brand, MIYABI, synonymous with grace, sophistication and elegance, attributes highly apreciated in Japanese culture. Miyabi kitchen knives are inspired by the Japanese samurai swords tradition and are admired for their sharpness, elegance and beauty. They are characterized by their perfect balance and the ergonomic handle and are made in Seki, Japan.