Miyabi 5000MCD-B (9.5" Sujihiki Carving Knife)

By Henckel

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 Carving / Slicing Knife / Sujihiki:
A long slim knife with a strong, semi-flexible blade and fine cutting edge enables clean slices with minimal strokes. Excellent to cut roasts and hams or large fowl like turkey, often accompanied with a carving fork.
•Size: 9.5" / 240 mm
•Micro-Carbide MC63 powdered steel core
•CRYODUR® vacuum tempered blades
•Three-step Honbazuke honing process
•100 layers of stainless steel (50 layers per side) wrap the blade core and are polished to reveal a one-of-a-kind flower Damascus pattern
•63° Rockwell Hardness
•Edge Angle: 9.5-12° per side
•Traditional Japanese D-shape Birchwood handle enhanced with a mosaic pin and a metal end cap featuring the MIYABI logo
•Made in Seki, Japan