Emile Henry Ultimate Baker - Large

By Emile Henry


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 Emile Henry Ultimate Baker is created to be the best possible ceramic oven dish there is. Making the Ultimate dish required the development of unique solutions.  From the foot and  it's glazed base (delicate to produce) to the raised handles; every detail has been studied to add technical and practical advantages, as well as to enhance the look of the dishes.

Made of HR® ceramic (High Resistance), it diffuses heat evenly throughout cooking. Then, when served at the table, it remains warm throughout the meal, allowing optimal tasting. Strong and robust, it goes to the oven, under the grill at high temperature and allows to reheat or thaw in the microwave. With its small size and elegant design, the individual dish Emile Henry ensures an impeccable presentation that you serve an individual gratin or an accompaniment for two people. (Made in France, it is guaranteed 10 years.)