Chef Richard Toll

Beginning his career in the East Midlands of England in 1998, Chef Richard Toll studied restaurant/hotel management while requiring his ISG Level 1. Here he developed a fantastic knowledge of standards, fine dining and alcohol pairings through training with Hilton Hotels.
In 2001 Richard moved back to Canada and worked for great restaurants like Earnests, The Eco Cafe and Sorrentino’s. He had spent some time touring Canada and lived in Iqaluit for a year. In 2006 Chef Toll graduated top of class at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver.
Upon returning to Alberta, he took two years visiting the North of Canada in Yellowknife where he learned about caribou and different types of game meats and fish. Chef Toll returned to Edmonton and started working at Zinc where he refined new cooking techniques in molecular gastronomy.
The Bothy Whisky and Wine Bar was next on the list where sous vide cooking and food and alcohol pairings became the focus of his learning. From here he took his gathered knowledge and created his personal chef/catering business, Rage Catering, where he could share his talents and love for fresh local food with others with a more hands-on touch.

Chef Stefan Cherwoniak

Chef Stefan Cherwoniak is the chef and owner of -- Edmonton's Boutique Caterer.  With his 13 years in the hospitality industry Chef Cherwoniak has been involved in every facet the industry has to offer.  His passion has been for designing innovative recipes combined with underpinnings of strong, traditional flavors.  People have fallen in love with his back-to-basics cooking style and gourmet flare. 
Traveling around the world, Stefan has immersed himself in the culture of food.  He was able to refine his palate and culinary techniques while sampling the local cuisine and wines.  His impeccable palate and knack for food and wine pairings enable him to create a natural flow to the courses.  The combination of simplicity and sophistication in his meals leaves a diner well satisfied and asking when he is available next.


Chef Sarah Louise Foster

The origins of Sarah's culinary mischief can be traced back to small-town Alberta, where plant-based options were scarce growing up. Vegan for twelve years (and counting), she began with baking experiments in her youth, while adapting some old family recipes. By the time she took her first job in her folks' truck stop diner, no one was ever the wiser when served her vegan cinnamon rolls and pies.
Sarah's cooking style is heavily influenced by nostalgia for classic comfort foods, travelling other cities with the best vegan eats, and learning from the friends she makes along the way. Trial and error plus pop-punk dance parties make for her ideal day in the kitchen.
Once an occasional vendor at Albertan markets, Sarah took things to the next level in 2014 when she launched Blue Rose Baking Co. Rumor has it her treats slay the hearts of even the staunchest omnivores- try them for yourself at local cafes, markets, and events around Edmonton! She is also the co-founder of Edmonton's only vegan snack box, Vegan Snack Attack. On her spare time, Sarah can be found blogging at The Cozy Vegan, or more likely, watching The X-Files.
With her DIY approach, she aims to make food accessible fun for anyone eager to learn!


Blue Rose Baking Co:
Vegan Snack Attack:
The Cozy Vegan:


Chef Israel Alvarez

Israel Alvarez is an award winning chef, cooking class instructor, and co-founder of Comal, Edmonton’s famous Mexican pop-up restaurant.
Born in Mexico City, Israel's first memories of food were from being with his mother and grandmother in the kitchen where he learned the intimacies of traditional Mexican cuisine. He started cooking in 1999 through a catering company and in 2000 he furthered his education at the Centre of Culinary Arts in Mexico. In his second year he traveled to Spain to learn under the tutelage of Pablo Gallego, Valentín Otero and Gerardo Copo, well know Chef’s in the city of La Coruna.
He finished his culinary training and in 2003 he took a position at Pujol, one of the world’s top restaurants, where he quickly moved up becoming a chef de partie and then a sous chef where he worked for a few years. In 2008, tragedy struck when he was kidnapped due to his high-ranking position at the restaurant, and Israel decided to move to Canada and start over again. He applied for the Temporary Foreign Worker program and came to Edmonton under the sponsorship of Original Joe’s where he worked for 3 years.
After receiving his permanent residency in 2014, Israel started looking to branch out and ended up on Vancouver Island to work at the Black Rock Oceanfront in Ucluelet. Upon returning to Edmonton, Israel took a job at River Cree Casino where he worked under French Chef Christophe Ithurritze as a chef de partie and later on moved to North 53 to work in the kitchen.
In 2015 he became the resident Mexican Chef at Get Cooking where he shared his passion for traditional Mexican cuisine through cooking classes and has continued his teaching through The Pan Tree kitchen.
Currently Israel works at Capital care during the day and focuses on his Comal project with his partner Matthew in the evenings. His goal is to show people what traditional Mexican actually is and educate the people about one of the world’s most culinary countries.

Amanda Cook, C.H.N.

Amanda Cook is a holistic nutrition practitioner and self taught home cook who is passionate about healthy eating that is gluten, dairy and sugar free. She is a whiz when it comes to knowing her way around a kitchen. Like you, Amanda is busy, so she has discovered ways to feed her family healthy, whole food quickly. It's all about making life easier and eating well in the process. Cooking from scratch doesn't have to be hard. In fact, Amanda believes in simplicity, meaning simple and clean ingredients, nothing fancy or complicated. Amanda's recipes are full of flavour and are created to appeal to all your senses while offering whole body nourishment. Amanda has written three e-books, runs transformation programs and speaks publicly about living a healthy and nourishing lifestyle for the whole family.
More Life-

Riverbend Gardens

Riverbend Gardens is a small scale, family run farm located north of Edmonton on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Since 1981, they have been producing vegetables for the community while maintaining responsible and cautious treatment of the land. They are proud to be local and proud to produce food for families in the Edmonton area with a minimal carbon imprint.
Riverbend Gardens CSA is a subscription to high quality locally grown and produced vegetables. Rather than coming to one of your local farmer's markets, a selection of delicious produce will be packaged and delivered to a commercial location, ready for your convenient pick-up. The Pan Tree is excited to be a part of this program!